Sam & Louie’s Italian Restaurant and New York Pizzeria

We are home for the best in Pizza, Pastas, Calzones, Stromboli and Italian favorites. Enjoy your favorites with Sam & Louie’s. Open daily at 11.

Since primitive ages, people have gathered around the table to join as a family, make business deals, and create memories with friends. Sam & Louie’s invites you to Gather Around our Table every day enjoying your favorite Italian dishes.

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great reviews

What People Say

Great decor, service, and food. Pleasantly surprised for a small town. The menu provides many items and not just Italian.

George Booher

The place was great! My calzone was awesome and the kids loved their pizza and the friendly service. We are booking our son's birthday party there next week!

George Booher

The staff here is absolutely incredible, and have on more than one occasion gone above and beyond to please their customers. We threw together a last minute birthday party on a busy Saturday night, and they STILL went out of their way to amaze us!

Norma Francis

Who We Are

Now you’re probably thinking, so who are Sam and Louie?  One day I was driving down the road and finally it hit me, “Sam & Louie’s”, what a great name, it was perfect.  My father’s name was Sam and my wife’s father Louie.  Sounds like a couple of New York mobsters, right?  Actually, one was Czech and the other Irish, both from rural Nebraska…it didn’t really matter where they were from, it sounded great!  Keeping in line with the family operated business we set out to create, we chose a name with real family meaning.

“In” 2001 we were officially a pizza franchise. Since then, our passion for the growth and success of the communities we are in has become just as strong as our passion for pizza.  We now have franchises in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

   – Greg Nolan, Founder


The Founders – The Nolan Family, Greg and wife Nancy, Melissa with daughters Isabella and Lilly, Michael with wife Sarah and daughters Monica and Paige.


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