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22 Excellent Reasons to buy a Franchise

By Sam & Louie's May 14, 2015

Should you buy a franchise?

I don’t know. It’s not my money I’d be putting at risk. My job is to educate you on franchising. I’ll show you how to choose the right franchise, how to do the research needed, and how to get to a yes or a no on the opportunities you discover.

If you want to learn how to take the guesswork out of buying a franchise, I’m your guy.

Franchise Tip: Choose a day and a time to set aside an hour or so to read this comprehensive article on exactly how to buy a franchise. Let’s continue.

What are your reasons for wanting to buy a franchise?

22 Excellent Reasons To Buy A Franchise

Just in case you don’t really know why you want to buy a franchise-or at least look into franchise ownership as a path to your personal and professional goals, I compiled a list of possible reasons.


See if any of the following 22 excellent reasons to buy a franchise ring true for you.


One– You’re sick and tired of putting decisions about your career in someone else’s hands.

Two– You’re sick of helping your boss make money.

Three– You’re sick of moving from job to job every few years.

Four– You want more freedom.

Five– You want more control.

Six– You want to accomplish something big.

Seven– You want to take your shot at The American Dream.

your big fam

Eight– You want to create a business that your family can be involved in.

Nine– You want to create new jobs in your community.

Ten– You’re ready to take a calculated risk.

Franchise Tip:

If you really want to take a “calculated” risk, get some help…from a professional, before you do something this big.

Eleven– You’ve always wanted to own your own business.

Twelve– You’re at “the age” where you feel it’s time.

Thirteen– Your family always owned businesses-so you feel it makes sense.

Fourteen– You have the money.

Fifteen– You’re getting the money from an inheritance.

net worth calculator from the franchise king

(Click the calculator to make sure you have enough money)

Sixteen– You think the franchise model is freaking brilliant.

Seventeen– You want to build a massive business empire.

Eighteen– You’re a satisfied customer of the franchise concept.

Nineteen– Several people over the years have told you that you should.

Twenty– You want to capitalize on the next hot thing.

Twenty-One– You’re thinking, “What the hell?

a dream

Twenty-Two– You had a dream about it-and you felt that it was a sign.


Your Reasons Are Your Reasons

That’s right. The reasons you have for wanting to buy a franchise…to own a business…to be your own boss, are your reasons. No one can take them away from you.

Just make sure you do everything in your power to choose the best franchise for you.

That includes doing the best research, using the best resources, and using your best judgement.

Do you have any other excellent reasons for wanting to buy a franchise?

Please share them below. I’m sure other future franchise owners would like to know what they are.

I know I would.

 – from The Franchise King, Joel Libava