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Your Perfect Date

By Mary Gill February 12, 2019

A Guide Made Just For You

February is finally here and we think that it’s time for you to step up your Valentine’s Day plans. Typically a couple will go out for dinner and drinks, then back on home. But, we don’t think that’s enough and we are challenging you to be much more personal this year. After all, happy couples are happy customers. For this Valentine’s Day we have created a guide for you and your significant other to follow in order to have the perfect date. Plan it together or make it a very special surprise, either way we are sure that you will have a wonderful evening. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in or person you are, here is your guide to the perfect night. Pick the closest to your relationship, follow the guide, and tag us on Facebook with a selfie of your fun activities!

For The HomeBody’s

For some people, you love just being at home. We often find that newly-weds or people that have been dating for years love just spending time in the place that they call home. You might be in love with your new house, an introvert couple, or are just wanting to spend some time with just eachother. We love a good night in, so let us help you plan that special alone time.

What We’ve Planned for You

-Step 1: It’s a Thursday night and you’ve both just gotten off work and are ready to start the evening! Start by making a meal together that is either something you have always wanted to make or your favorite meal. Open a bottle of wine and catch up on your busy schedules.

-Step 2: Now that you’ve relaxed and caught up, get competitive. Have a Two-Player Game Night Tournament and keep score. Loser cleans up in the morning! Click here to find a card game!

-Step 3: Finish the night off with your choice of a movie. Keep it light, nothing too heavy and nothing too violent. Grab the ice-cream out of the freezer and put some extra toppings on tonight, you’re celebrating.

For The DO’ers

Love having fun together, creating new memories, and trying new activities? We know just the night for you. Valentine’s Day can be intimate and fun with our help.

What to Do

-Step 1: Before jumping right into eating, let’s get you worked up a bit. For your first event of the night, pick something energizing and fun. We suggest finding a wall-climbing place near you or going bowling, ice-skating, mini-golfing, or something else you love doing.

-Step 2: Of course, go out to eat! Pick a restaurant you wouldn’t normally go to and enjoy a nice meal together. New restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? Try it. Make some new memories and find a new spot to call your own. Need a perfect place? Sam & Louie’s would love to serve you.

-Step 3: Go out for drinks at a fun joint and join some friends for your favorite cocktail or a bottle of wine. Take some pictures with each other and post them on your social media (don’t forget to tag us)! If there are local tastings in your area do a wine or beer tasting together.

Fun on a Budget

Love spending time outside of the house and finding new activities, but the holiday spending put a dent in your budget? Don’t worry, we understand. We have just the perfect night for you to spend together without stressing you out.

Just for You

-Step 1: Take a stroll in your favorite area of town. If there’s a fountain, make wishes together about the future. Take time to hold-hands and view your favorite spots. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine, pick out some cheeses, and host yourself a peaceful picnic. If it’s still too chilly outside, skip the picnic and grab some ice-cream or cupcakes.

-Step 3: Host yourself a candle-lit dinner inside and have some quality time together. Cook a meal or order take-out. Don’t forget you can order online from Sam & Louies or use a delivery service!

-Step 4: Don’t end the night too early. We want you to keep having fun! Host a game night with your friends at the best hangout spot and have everyone bring their favorite game.

We know this Valentine’s Day you are going to have an amazing time. You choose your favorite guide and have a lot of fun with your significant other, or grab some friends for a nice friends night! We can’t wait to see what a good time you had!