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Pizza Catering

By Mary Gill September 10, 2019

The Best Kind of Catering

When catering a big event the first major thing you probably think of is food. What kind of food fits your big event or party, what your guests would eat, any dietary restrictions they might have, and more. Picking out the perfect food choice can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to make your next event easier than ever, so we’ll give you some advice.

We want you to have a successful party, and that starts with having successful catering. Take the stress out of catering and choose to cater pizza. We can’t speak for everyone, but Sam & Louie’s Catering is a stress-free, delicious, cost-effective choice for your next gathering. Everyone grabs the phone to order pizza the second they have a small gathering, but not everyone does for a big gathering. Why is that? There are so many reasons that pizza just works for catering. Pizza catering is the BEST kind of catering. Let us fill you in on just why that is.

It is Cost-Effective

This may not matter to everyone, but for a lot of people finding a cost-effective solution to feeding a large group of people is very important. Anywhere from 20-200+ guests, pizza prices are a very consistent thing. You know what to expect if you order pizza for catering because you probably order pizza all of the time. The price isn’t higher just because you mentioned a wedding or an expensive gathering. Pizza is pizza. Instead of paying higher prices for a plated dinner or buffet, you can pay a very reasonable amount for your favorite pizza. Why pay $15+ for each guest you have when you can spend $5+ with pizza? Not only that, but you don’t need to have any caterers serving the pizza to your guests, because it is very simple to have guests grab their own slices or to have a volunteer handing them out. Having pizza catering is a great way to save some money while throwing a large event, without sacrificing taste or popularity.

Pizza is Diet Accommodating

When you’re planning a large event, thinking about dietary-restrictions is most likely one of your first thoughts. With enough people, you will have a few different dietary guidelines to follow. You have to think about the diary-free, gluten-free, vegan, or other restricted diets of your guests when planning your meal. Luckily, pizza is very accommodating. Sam & Louie’s offers gluten-free crust options along with very easy ways to make our pizzas dairy-free and completely vegan. You don’t have to worry about picking something that everyone can eat, you can easily accommodate people by ordering different pizzas. That way everyone can enjoy the party and enjoy the food!

Pizza is Popular

Have you ever heard someone say that they don’t like pizza? If so, were they joking? There aren’t very many people that don’t like pizza, and if they don’t it is probably because A. They can’t because of their diet or B. They haven’t had Sam & Louie’s. Pizza is a prime choice for catering because it is something that you can trust just about everyone will enjoy. Pizza is popular, it is a fact. Who wouldn’t want one of the most popular food items at their next event? Pizza brings people together and is a very popular item to go with, there isn’t much you can do wrong if you have pizza.

It is Easy

If we haven’t convinced you yet, not only is pizza popular, cost-effective, and popular, it is also easy. Easy to order, easy to serve, and easy to clean-up. You don’t have to have an exact head-count of people with pizza because people eat a different amount of slices. You don’t have to have giant silver serving pans that you then have to return to the caterers, and you don’t have to have a large variety of utensils to serve and eat with. You just need pizzas in their boxes and a plate to eat it on. Simple and effective.

We wish you the best of luck catering your next big event, and hope we have given you some insight to making the best choice you can for food. Pizza catering…yum! Take a look at our catering options and contact us today to order your pizza from Sam & Louie’s!